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Shady Grove Greenhouse

Jasmine+Clove Wooden Wick Candle

Jasmine+Clove Wooden Wick Candle

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Crisp apples spiced with cinnamon and cloves blended with sweet, sensual jasmine and hints of vanilla.

Each candle is hand-poured in small batches and infused with our favorite scents in rural Carroll County Ohio.

Not sure which one to pick? Our wooden wick dough bowl is by far the best seller! You’ll love listening to the relaxing sound of the three crackling wooden wicks as you sip a cup of tea and relax. With over 70 hours of burn time, you’ll be enjoying this one for awhile! You’re going to want more than one…. so go ahead, grab one for every room - we did!

(You are purchasing a product similar to those in the picture, bowls will vary. )

Candle melts are 100% pure soy.

Burn time

(please note - Every dough bowl is unique and one of a kind - burn times will vary. )

8oz jar | approximately 48 hours

Single Wick Round Wooden Bowl | Approximately 40 hours

Double Wick Rectangular Wooden Bowl | Approximately 35 hours

Triple Wick Wooden Dough Bowl | approximately 70 hours

Baguette Bowl | approximately 70 hours

Melts | each cube will last 1+ days

Why coconut soy?

We choose coconut soy for its beautiful creamy appearance and clean burn - not to mention it’s renewable, sustainable, and non-toxic!

How do we choose our wooden wicks?

All candles contain eco-friendly, all natural, and FSC certified crackling wooden wicks ( FSC certified means they are sustainably sourced, maintaining the eco system from where they are harvested).

How big are the jars?

These are 8 oz square mason jars. Jars may vary.

How big are the bowls?

Dough bowls measure approximately 1.5-2” deep x 5-6” wide x 9-10”long and contain 1-2 lbs of wax.

Baguette bowls measure approximately 1.5-2” deep x 5-6” wide x 18-20” long and contain 2-3lbs of wax.

Please note that each bowl is unique, one-of-a kind, and hand-carved! We love this, however, bowls will vary from that in the picture!

My wax looks different, what should I do?

Wax may discolor or crack. This will not affect the burn of your candle.

My flame is too high, now what?

If the flames are too high, blow out candle, trim wick, and relight.

Disclaimer: NEVER leave a burning candle unattended! Keep out of reach of children and pets. Keep away from flammable objects. Recommended burn time is 3-4 hours each light. ALWAYS trim your wick before lighting! Place on a heat safe surface.

Can I light just ONE wick?

In the mason jar? YES! Otherwise, please light ALL wicks in your bowl EVERY burn. This ensures the candle burns slowly and evenly.


PLEASE NOTE: Our candles are all natural and contain no preservatives.  This may cause them to crack in cold weather and sweat or melt in warm weather.  This does not affect the burn of the candle.

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