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Palo Santo Sticks

Palo Santo Sticks

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Palo Santo sticks are often burned like incense to ease stress and remove negative energies. These palo santo sticks are ethically harvested from Peru. Each Stick measures approximately 4”.

Holders are a high strength cement. Each one is unique and hand-poured. These are the same holders we use for our Air Plants.

Palo Santo Stick with Holder - ONE holder and ONE palo stick. Holders will vary in coloration. See image for example.

Palo Santo Stick Bundle - Contains 3 Palo Santo Sticks measuring approximately 4” in length. Sticks are unique and will vary.

What is Palo Santo?

Palo Santo is a South American tree that is considered sacred. It’s meaning in SPanish is “holy wood”

What are the benefits of burning Palo Santo Sticks?

Many people find the aroma of palo santo relaxing, so it's commonly used to ease stress. It's thought to have a purifying, cleansing effect on the body and mind. Also believed to remove negative energies.

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