Shady Grove Candle Co

Wood Wick Candles

Plant based.  Pure.  Eco-friendly.

It all started with the desire for clean-burning, all-natural, eco-friendly candles made from plants!

  It’s what we believe in.  It’s what we do

  • The Collection

    100% hand-poured

    Shady Grove Candle co. started in a kitchen in 2007 making soy candles and melts to fulfill the need and desire for clean crafted, responsible, local candles. It has since evolved into a curated collection of wooden wick dough bowl candles and wooden wick jar candles as well a hand selected amount of 100% soy wax melts - all still hand-poured in Ohio on our homestead!

  • The Wicks

    All candles contain eco-friendly, all natural, and FSC certified crackling wooden wicks ( FSC certified means they are sustainably sourced, maintaining the eco system from where they are harvested).


  • The Wax

    Each candle contains an all-natural blend of Coconut and Soy wax. Chosen for its beautiful creamy appearance and clean burn, but also because it’s sustainable, renewable, non-toxic and made from plants!

    (It’s important to us !)

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